Visual Jobfinder


Visual Jobfinder

Visual Jobfinder is a multimedia and innovative job and offer mediation and is active all over the country. Here meet employers and principals on the one and work searching and artists (Freelance / of tape, musicians, authors among other things) on the other side.

Aim is the mediation of jobs for work searching and orders for artists of all kind.

Besides, all partners have to present themselves the possibility actively and multimedia by text, photo, audio or video on the web page and to advertise.

Offers in detail:
- Employers introduce her enterprise and her employees, offer jobs, receive contacts from applicants and can receive by request of image advertisement.
- Place applicants promote themselves and her skill and communicate actively with potential employers.
- Artists present themselves and her skill, communicate with potential principals and close deals.

Besides, Visual Jobfinder gets on exclusively as a mediator and Präsentator. All commercial arrangements and contract arrangements are incumbent upon the single partners and in own direction.


Telefon : +49 461 14662550