About/ All you need to know about us

Who we are?

Saoshyant Group Verwaltungs GmbH is a roof enterprise under which the proficient Rasta film, Visual Jobfinder and Unicoders are listed. The company head office is Flensburg (Germany).

The Saoshyant Group Verwaltungs GmbH is responsible for the management, liability, management and all representation duties. Manager and main contact in Flensburg is Mr. Ferri E. Entesari.

Rasta Film

Rasta film produces films and videos for the areas of presentation, advertisement and Internet as well as international documentary films, short films and video clips. Besides, the team does everything what film production belongs to it: Idea development, screenplay production, production, postprocessing and presentation.

Visual Jobfinder

Whether workers, employers, artists or authority: Visual JobsFinder leads them all together - innovative and cost-effective. Put together your very own list of favorite locations to retrieve potential candidates or employers quickly and clearly. Or you can send comfortably latest job offers and Resumes via email. In addition, we offer our users more attractive service offerings and innovations. These range from an accessible page via partnerships with employment agencies to own platforms for apprentices, entrepreneurs, freelancers and returners.

Niela Trading

Niela Trading is a global procurement service for buyers and sellers. The company is purchasing goods and services of all kinds and offers itself as a partner, contact the manufacturer and expert in all matters relating to procurement, research and mediation.


Unicoders provides software solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Here especially apps for the operating systems Android and Apple are into - iOS offered.